Valley Nu-Glaze

Our Services

We specialize in the refinishing of built-in bathtubs, fiberglass bathtub/shower units, shower stalls, and footed bathtubs.

Our services start at $400 for a built in bathtub refinished in white. Call us at (920) 757–8827 for personal estimates.

Do you guarantee your work?

Yes we do, and we put it in writing. Our process and procedure is the result of more than three decades of research and experience. Therefore, we have a full warranty that covers everything but customer damage.

Do you replace any of the plumbing fixtures?

No, plumbing problems (Leaks, broken fixtures, etc.) must be completed before we can refinish the fixtures.

I'm going to redecorate my bathroom. Should I have my tub refinished first?

No, have all other work done first, except carpeting and shower doors. Our service should be last to avoid paint spills, dropping of tools or other accidents.

Proudly serving Northeast Wisconsin and Upper Michigan.