Valley Nu-Glaze

Is your bathtub or shower an eyesore? Is it scratched, chipped, dull or hard to clean? Maybe you'd just prefer a different color.

Let us resurface it for you! We can apply a bright, sparkling and easy to clean surface over your old rough bathtub or shower. Any color, all work guaranteed.

Refinishing your bathtub or shower is an alternative to having it replaced, which can cost upwards of several thousand dollars and take weeks to finish.

How long will it take to reglaze my tub?

Our service technician is usually in your home between 4 and 5 hours. All work - sanding, grinding, and chemical applications will be done in the bathroom. No mess will be left for you to clean after our technician leaves your premisis.

Tell me more about the process.

This process chemically cleans and smooths old fixtures to a texture resembling unglazed pottery and then bonds a tough, lustrous polyester finish to the fixture's under-surface - a finish that is highly resistant to stains and chipping. With normal use and care, your new finish will last many years. Proper cleaning will add years to your finish.

Do you repair and refinish fiberglass fixtures?

Yes! We are able to repair cracks, chips and even holes in fiberglass fixtures before refinishing, and the repairs are virtually invisible.